Belleville Public Building Improvements Phase II

IMPACT Strategies renovated Belleville’s 60-year-old City Hall building and they were able to maintain the historical integrity while still revitalizing the building to improve public accessibility and function. This major renovation included environmental improvements, such as asbestos abatement and the installation of energy efficient windows in the atrium. Modernizations were also made to the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Public safety and accessibility were at the forefront of this project; prompting the necessary improvements to the elevator, along with entryways and bathrooms to meet ADA standards. Accommodations were also made for an additional elevator to be installed in the future. Along with the improved access, various aesthetic enhancements were made. The terrazzo flooring was refinished, the clerk’s counter was redone, a new roof was installed, and the cell tower was repainted. Perhaps the most noticeable change is in the council chambers, where a balcony was added for additional seating, and the audio/visual system was updated.

Client: City of Belleville Architect: The Lawrence Group Square Footage: 33,057

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