At IMPACT, safety is more than just a word. It is a way of life. We understand that safety impacts more than just our company, the success of the project, and the affected employee, but also the employee’s family, future, and long-term well-being. IMPACT Strategies is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all of our employees, subcontractors, and customers alike.

We achieve this by following operating practices that will safeguard employees, the public, and company operations. We believe all accidents are preventable and have put important steps in place to do just that, starting with complying with all established safety and health laws and regulations. But we take it to the next level by ensuring that IMPACT provides sufficient staffing, funds, time, and the necessary equipment to allow all of our employees and partners to work safely, efficiently, and successfully.

At IMPACT we follow an 8-Step Safety Program to minimize risk and maximize the success of our construction projects. It is our pledge and promise to follow these steps at all times.

1. Do it For the Right Reason

If the goal of a safety program is to stay compliant, we will always be reacting. IMPACT’s goal is to operate safe jobsites and believe that compliance will come naturally and we will be more proactive if we maintain an attitude of safety. Rather than viewing regulations as rules we must follow, IMPACT uses them as steps to help us work safely.

2. Acceptance Comes From the Top Down

The vision of a safe jobsite begins with IMPACT’s leadership. IMPACT’s management sets the expectation of working safely, agrees with and enforces standards, pays for training and equipment as needed, and establishes the attitude that safety is the ONLY way of doing business.

3. Plan Ahead

Every jobsite has its own unique risks. IMPACT devotes time before construction starts to identify those risks and establish a plan to address them. We will communicate safety concerns to workers so they know what hazards to expect and how to work around them.

4. Use Industry Organizations

Groups like AGC, SIBA, NSC, and others help IMPACT establish and manage our safety program, give us tools to make it more successful, offer training, keep us informed of trends and upcoming changes, and much more. We will leverage these organizations’ existing programs and expertise to benefit our jobsite safety.

5. Safety is Part of the Deal

IMPACT’s safety program is part of the contract between IMPACT and our subcontractor partners. Workers on our jobsites will receive our safety orientation training so they know exactly what is expected of them.

6. Train Relentlessly

IMPACT will complete all required training and then get additional training for our staff. We believe that every time training happens, we become more capable and more focused on safety.

7. Know the Rules

IMPACT subscribes to industry publications and we are involved with organizations to stay current on the ever-changing world of OSHA regulations and safety trends.

8. Inspect Regularly

Inspections are the most effective means of catching and countering bad habits. All IMPACT staff has a responsibility to be involved with safety and to emphasize its importance. We expect our subcontractor partners to also participate in working safely and identifying hazards. We use AGC, SIBA, and NSC as resources to inspect, document and communicate inspection results on a regular basis.

Our Record

At IMPACT we are proud to have a sterling safety record. In fact, in 2012, we tallied another perfect record for safety, having clocked 45,110 accident-free man hours. This stellar achievement makes it our tenth consecutive year in business without a single jobsite accident occurring at any of our construction sites. IMPACT’s aggressive safety and training programs are noted as being key to our unblemished record.

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